Original Title



Drama, Folklore, Dystopian

Production Year


Country of Origin

Germany, Switzerland

Language Spoken



97 mins

Rotterdam FF main competition
(World premiere)
Gothenburg FF


Sophia Bösch
Sophia Bösch, Roman Gielke

Mathilde Bundschuh, Susanne Wolff, Ulrich Matthes, Viola Hinz

Production Company
Weydemann Bros

Milena Klemke, Yvonne McWellie, Jakob D. Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann

Local Release Date

When a strange child appears in the woods, Skalde and her estranged mother have to join forces to protect the girl from the village community.


Based on a book, Milk Teeth tells the story of a superstitious village community set in a place and time unlike ours. The villagers protect themselves from outsiders – the wolf-children. When a strange child appears in the woods, the young woman and protégé of the village’s leader Skalde, goes against the elders and welcomes the child home. Together with her mother, Edith, they join forces to try and protect the child from facing the consequences of breaking the law. Skalde suggests a risky deal. Meanwhile, Edith has her plan.


Sophia Bösch

Sophia Bösch is a Swiss-Swedish-German filmmaker. She studied at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and Film University Babelsberg, holding a Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing. Her Swedish-German graduation short premiered in Perspektive Deutsches Kino at the 2018 Berlinale, then went on to receive the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis and the German Short Film Award. Her previous short films won amongst others the Swiss Upcoming Filmmakers Award and the German Short Tiger Award.

Milk Teeth
is her debut feature film.

"Milk Teeth is a story about the wish to belong, about the desire to be accepted and succeed - at the expense of your own identity. It is also a story about letting go of that wish and finding yourself elsewhere."

-Sophia Bösch

Digital Pitch


Milena Klemke

Yvonne McWellie

Jakob D. Weydemann

Jonas Weydemann

Weydemann Bros. is Jonas and Jakob D. Weydemann, Yvonne Wellie and Milena Klemke. They are alumni of IDFAcademy, ep2c, Rotterdam Lab, Cannes Producers Network, Berlinale Talents, EAVE Producer’s Workshop, Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (ACE), Sarajevo Young Producers Programme, Documentary Campus Masterschool, Entertainment Masterclass and the International Film School (ifs) in Cologne ‘International Producing Class’ and Trans Atlantic Partners. They are members of member of the ACE network and the French-German, German and European Film Academy as well as  EWA and WIFT. Jonas is EAVE’s national coordinator for Germany, group leader at the European-Asian producers workshop Ties That Bind (TTB) and part of the selection committee for production funding of both German national funds FFA and BKM. Jakob is board of the German producer’s association.


Mathilde Bundschuh


Mathilde Bundschuh was born in 1994 and grew up in Berlin. Alongside school, she regularly shot for various TV formats and made her screen debut in Pia Strietmann’s multi-award-winning film Tage die bleiben in 2011. Bundschuh has worked with Sherry Hormann (Operation Zucker. Jagdgesellschaft), Uli Edel (Das Adlon) and Christian Wagner (Das Ende der Geduld), among others, for which she was awarded the German Acting Prize in the category “Strong Performance” in 2015. Bundschuh studied at the Rostock University of Music and Drama and, after graduating in 2016, began her first engagement at the Residenztheater in Munich. This was followed by work with Andreas Kriegenburg, Robert Borgmann and Alvis Hermanis, among others. She was nominated as Actress of the Year (Critics’ Poll Theater Heute) as well as awarded the Friends of the Residenztheater Sponsorship Award.

Susanne Wolff


Susanne Wolff began her theater career at the Thalia Theater Hamburg and moved to the Deutsches Theater Berlin in 2009, where she appeared in works by many important theater directors. She not only played the big female roles Nora, Penthesilea, Hedda Gabler and Maria Stuart, but also Othello and Macbeth. In 1999 she was awarded the Boy-Gobert Prize of the Körber Foundation. In 2003 she received the 3sat Prize for her portrayal of Nora, and in 2006 the Rolf Mares Prize. For her role in the film Das Fremde in mir by Emily Atef, she was awarded the German Cinema Talent Award in 2008 and Best Actress at the Sao Paolo International Film Festival. In 2013, she received the German Television Award for Mobbing by Nicole Weegmann. The series Morgen hör ich auf starring Bastian Pastewka and Susanne Wolff was awarded the Golden Camera in 2017. 

Ulrich Matthes


Ulrich Matthes played his first film and television roles as a child, but after graduating from high school he decided to study German studies and English studies with the goal of becoming a teacher. He dropped out after five semesters and took acting lessons instead. After his first feature roles in Tom Tykwer’s Winterschläfer, Abgehauen, Aimée und Jaguar and Der Neunte Tag (2004), Matthes achieved his final breakthrough with Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Der Untergang (2004), in which Matthes portrayed Joseph Goebbels. This was followed by roles in Franziska Stünkel’s Vineta and in Christian Schwochow’s diploma film Novemberkind. Matthes appeared in front of the camera for Christian Schwochow several other times. Matthes took on other roles in such films as Volker Schlöndorff’s Das Meer Am Morgen, Terrence Malick’s Ein Verborgenes Leben, Ildikó Enyedi’s The Story of My Wife.

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